Welcome to Phaipi Presbytery Web Page! You can get informations about the Presbytery here. Please leave comments and questions below if you have any.  There are four Pastorates in Phaipi Presbytery. They are:


1 Imphal Pastorate
2 Leilon Pastorate
3 Saronphai Pastorate
4 B. Phainuam Pastorate
5 Jiribam Pastorate


Number of Churches within each pastorates and present pastors are listed below. Each pastorates is form by number of churches and is under the stewardship of the pastor incharge. 


Imphal Pastorate  – Rev. Thangneipau

1 New Lambulan Church
2 L Vaiphei Veng Church
3 GPC Langgol Church
4 New Moreh Church


Leilon Pastorate  Pastor – Rev. K. Jama Vaiphei

1 T Khawvaiphai Church
2 L Suangtun Church
3 L Munlai Church
4 L Munlui Church
5 Singda Preaching Station 


Saronphai Pastorate -  Pastor Paulalsiam

1 Sharonphai Church
2 Heiroklian Church
3 K Tangnuam Church
4 Tuinuamphai Church


B Phainuam Pastorate -  Pastor S Kumar

1 B. Phainuam Church
2 Th. Salemphai Church
3 Phainuam Church


Jiribam Pastorate - Rev. Thangtinlal Suantak

1 Jiribam Church
2 Lengluang Church
3 Tuaiteng Church