Mission Field

We have Mission in Myanmar and in Manipur among the non-believers. Our vision is to preach Gospel and brighter the corner. We have established certain number of churches in these mission fields. These Mission Fields are financially supported by different churches. Please support in your prayers to reach out the unreached soul as many as possible.



Tungkya Pastorate (Pastor Thangliansang)

  1. Tungkyo Church
  2. Phaijang
  3. Gamnuamphai
  4. Tuidimphai

Kalaymyo Pastorate (Pastor Zuankhawmang)

  1. Kalaymuo
  2. Aphuatset
  3. Yeleyoo


  1. Nanphalong
  2. Nansuangphu
  3. Kantaza

Chingmei Mission Field (Pastor S. Genlianpau & Evangelist Lianboi)

1. Chingmei

2. Laishoi

3. Moirangthem

4. Leisanglok