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After the Manipur Area has been in one Presbytery for three years, the Synod Pastoral Committee recommended to create four Presbyteries out of it. (Synod Pastoral Committee 6:11/2010-2011). The recommendation was acknowledged by Synod 2011 (Synod 2011: III Pastoral (A)). The Manipur Area has been re-formed into Four Presbyteries from February, 2012; as follows:

1 Lamka North Presbytery    Pastorate     5
2 Lamka South Presbytery        Pastorate       4
3 Tanggam Presbytery           Pastorate    6
4 Phaipi Presbytery                Pastorate     5

(Note: There are three (3) Pastorates in Myanmar, which are attached to Phaipi Presbytery).

As the Manipur Area has been reformed into Four Presbyteries, OM considered that time has come to upgrade it into full-fledged Synod, and proposed the same to SEC (OM 18:26/12). SEC 240 resolved that “It is time to organize them to stand on their own feet, let the Manipur Area Committee take initiative intensely in this regard” (SEC 240:42).