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The 11th General Conference will be held from 5 - 8 March, 2020 at Mata Vengpi Mata Pastorate, Churachancpur Manipur.

All members of KKP from diffrent Churches and Pastorates are invited to attend this Mega Event. Presparation is gong well and the host pastorate are doing their best for comendable hospitality. Confereance Hall in nder construction and nearby pastorate are rendering help in the physical arrangements as needed. Special invitees from our sister synod will also grace this event and  VL Muanpuii in also will be presenting us Special Numbers thoroughout the Programmes. Their will numbers of Special items which will be performed by the youth wo are coming from within and outside the State of Manipur. Deleegates from all the pastorartes are expected to attend the Business Session to present their Agendas. 

There will be Reception Counters where the delagates have to report for logistic arrangements. Therefore, all the KKP Leaders from different pastorates are informed to enquire where they have to report in advance. Different Sub-Committees are form to take up necessary works in differetn areas. They are: Construction Committee, Finance, Medical, Ushering, Reception, etc.,

Please come and Join us  fot the Glory of God. 

Manipur Area Bial KKP Conference,2019

January 24-26, Pray n Participate

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